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Welcome to Band Of Shadows

The world around him corrupted, full of dark dealers, blackmailing scum looking to use every second of his life to their own advantage.

Regardless of the consequence they send him on one way assignments leaving to fend for himself in the end.

Finally he realized that he can not cope on his own, he needs help and starts to gather a group of people to protect him and each other from the darkness.
As the dark forces grow and build their strength he recruits those who follow light to out balance the evil. As old a the worlds around us continues battle for ultimate power between good and bad, carries on.

There is no place for Neutral you have to choose or you will be swallowed by either side as innocent victim of this insoluble war.

Which side will you choose?
There is only one thing required from you - LOYALTY.

For that you will be accepted, regardless of your pass and future. You will be cared for, and you will be respected, by either side you fit yourself into.

Out Of Character Description, Rules etc.

We Are Heavy Role Play Guild
Our Members usually develop a back-story for their character that explains their past. This past helps to define their character in present and future actions. Out of character (OOC) chat is always denoted by ((double brackets)) or some form thereof. Raid and party chat are usually OOC. We always ignore names above heads, meaning a proper introduction is required to know who someone is (just like in real life). Guild chat is Ouf Of Character (OOC), Officer Chat is In Character (IC). Role play events will occur regularly. Role play is considered a hand-in-hand activity with leveling/PvP/raiding.

OOC Atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. We won't judge your RP style or the path you chosen for your character as long as its done within general RP Rules and Standards.

Requirements/Restrictions: We look for someone who is mature, respectful, and FRIENDLY. Game experience levels and amount of playtime availability are not issues. There are no race/class prohibitions. In addition:

1. You must be 18 years of age. Exceptions to this rule are determined on a case-by-case basis.
2. Your character's name must follow the Blizzard naming policy.
3. It is preferable that you get yourself tabart and wear it but its not compulsory.

You will be removed if:

- Caught talking OOC in /s (Frequently, odd mistake will be flagged)
- Caught ERP irresponsibly.
- Being disrespectful to other Guild Members OOC.

Contact Person/Contact Method Desired:

In game and In Character applications only. There is plenty of posters hanging around Stormwind for you to find out that we are recruiting, with very clear description of the tabart. See one of us? Talk to him or her IC and we will take it from there.

To find out who is on line type in: /who Band Of Shadows

Have fun what ever you do!

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